Compare and Contrast Kids and Nutrition

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“Is it just a coincidence that as the portion of our income spent on food has declined, spending on health care has soared? In 1960 Americans spent 17.5 percent of their income on food and 5.2 percent of national income on health care. Since then, those numbers have flipped: Spending on food has fallen to 9.9 percent, while spending on health care has climbed to 16 percent of national income. I have to think that by spending a little more on healthier food we could reduce the amount we have to spend on health care” ― Michael Pollan. If current trends in the growth of obesity continue, total healthcare costs attributable to obesity could reach $861 to $957 billion by 2030, which would account for 16% to 18% of US health expenditures. Education is the key to solving our health care crisis.
Children who eat from the national school lunch program are not receiving healthy foods. “Worldwide there are now more than 40 million overweight or obese children below the age of five” (Lang pg. 64). ”In most schools, the fare is a mix of chicken nuggets, tator tots, canned fruits and vegetables, chocolate milk that contains more sugar than soda, corn dogs and pizza pockets, Cheap food that cost less than a dollar a day” (Cooper pg. 25). Sugary foods cause students to sleep in class, students tend to go for the sugary and unhealthy food when they receive their lunch tray. Children are the people most affected by the chemicals used to produce and process food. They eat more foods than adults, which means that antibiotic and hormone residues in their foods collect in greater concentrations in their bodies. In addition, kids are eating foods that are unhealthy leading to addiction. "American children are increasingly enduring obesity and general...

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