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Have you ever realized you’ve loved someone after it’s too late? Or perhaps you’ve been so completely engrossed in one thing and you can’t focus on anything else. In the two short stories Concerning Love by Anton Chekhov and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the narrators deal with these feelings. The predominant narrator in Concerning Love meets a married woman, Anna, through a friend and realizes his love for her after it is already too late. The narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper has nervous depression and is so caught up in the mysteries of the wallpaper of her room that everything else in her life seems distorted. Both stories tell of two very different lives however, the characters, setting of the story have many striking similarities and differences as well. In the short story, Concerning Love, a few friends were having lunch and began talking about love and love stories. The whole short story mainly regards the story of one of the men, Alehin. During his younger years, he meets the wife of his friend, Anna, and realizes his love that he has always had for her even before they met. Anna is a kind and generous woman; however, she is not a respectable character because she has interest for Alehin behind her husband’s back. Secretly, she was in love with another man. She often thought about him and paid special attention to him when he visited. The narrator in The Yellow Wallpaper is never named, but she is also married. Her character faces internal conflict, and most people would consider her crazy. She claims to see a living woman moving in her wallpaper and says that she can smell it. In contrast to Anna who is a socialite, the main character from The Yellow Wallpaper almost never leaves her room let alone her bed. Her singular main focus is on the yellow wallpaper in her room. The woman from The Yellow Wallpaper and Anna from Concerning Love do

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