Compare And Contrast Theory X And Y

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Theory X & Y was officially expounded (and named) by Douglas McGregor, a social psychologist at MIT in the 1960s. His idea was that there are two fundamentally different styles of management. Theory X is an authoritarian concept where one assumes that individuals work reluctantly, without motivation. On the other hand, Theory Y is a libertarian concept where one assumes that people will perform beyond their duties if they are motivated and are dedicated to the overall goals set forth for them. McGregor first published his ideas in his book, The Human Side of Enterprise. One of the experiences he had that influenced his thoughts was from work that he did at his grandfather’s establishment for temporary workers in Detroit. Because he was a…show more content…
In the case of Rehoboam, if he had approached the situation in a Theory Y manner, perhaps things would have gone differently and he would not have been ousted from his position as king and would have been favored by the people of Israel. The Central Example of Theory Y in Scripture What better example of Theory Y than the ultimate Leader Himself? Jesus constantly had a Theory Y mindset throughout His ministry. Although most of His disciples came from an uneducated background and were unskilled—which falls in the M2 category of the Hersey & Blanchard situational leadership model—He recognized that they were willing and motivated to do His work. Not once in His ministry did He lean toward the Theory X management principle but stayed faithfully with Theory Y. He gave the disciples the occasional instruction, but did not have to choose their every action in His ministry as shown by a verse in Mark, “And He called the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits.” He delegated His authority to the disciples and sent them out accordingly, so that they could gain, for themselves, the experience of a life of
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