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Softball is known as the sister sport to baseball. They look very similar but are very different. Some say that baseball is a lot harder than softball and some say the complete opposite. But to form an opinion a bunch of things come into factor to try figure and figure out which side you stand on. From the size of the ball to the size of the field these things play into factor of each opinion. Both baseball and softball have qualities that set them apart and that can make one more challenging than the other at times. Comparing the size of the field as a whole is completely different. A baseball field can be from two hundred and fifty feet to four hundred feet. As for softball it is usually two hundred and fifty feet all around. And with a bigger field comes more space which is why in baseball there is ninety feet between each base. And also with all that extra space means that there is more ground to cover when a ball is hit to the outfield, making it more challenging to catch a ball. In softball everything is closer, there is only sixty feet between each base. Even though the field is smaller it will be harder to throw a runner out at first if they hit the ball in the infield because it is a shorter time frame for the runner to get to first.…show more content…
The mound is forty-three feet from the pitcher’s mound in softball and for baseball it is sixty feet. And the mounds themselves are different, in softball the pitches will throw on a flat surface and in baseball they will throw on an elevated mound. Some may argue that because the pitcher in softball is so much closer that it is a lot more dangerous because they do not have as much time to get away from a line drive hit at them then in baseball. But then some will argue that a baseball is traveling faster than the softball so the reaction time would be about the same

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