Compare And Contrast The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore is a book about two kids who share more than one could expect. They share same name, they grew up in the same neighborhood, they both had a difficult childhood, and they both grew up fatherless, the list goes on. They might have been the same in many ways, but they grew up completely different. One day the author was reading the newspaper that featured him and he came across an article about a planned jewelry store robbery that went wrong. That article featured someone by the name of Wes Moore. The author Wes Moore decided to write the man who was currently serving life in prison. The author thought that he would never get a reply, but he did. Ever since then they have stayed connected and are very good friends. Throughout the book, The Other Wes Moore, the author Wes does a great job at…show more content…
So how did they turn out different? It is true that both Wes Moore’s grew up without a father, but the way they lost their fathers were completely different. The author, Wes Moore lost his father by a tragic death that could have been prevented. While, the incarcerated Wes Moore’s father was never in his life to begin with. The way they lost their fathers is not the only thing that played a part of the Moore’s turning out differently. The quality traits that their fathers posed also played a role. Both of the fathers had different quality traits. The author’s father was strong, independent, protective, non-abusive, and the list goes on. On the other hand, the incarcerated Wes father was a drunk. So does the way ones father become absent really matter? I believe it does. Would you rather know what happened to your father or have to face the fact that your father never wanted to be a part of your life. As a result of losing their fathers, both Moore’s headed down a path of destruction. But it was family and the memory of his father that guided, the author, Wes Moore in a different
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