The Other Wes Moore Substance Abuse

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Everyday, there are teens that are putting themselves in unbearable situations. Wether if it is being influenced by others to do drugs or alcohol, both causes are very dangerous. Just as one thinks he is ok, standing away from those situations, is the time when danger will strike, and there will be just a few chances to get out. The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore is written about two boys with the same name growing up in similar situations. Both grow up to be surrounded by crime and substance abuse, and both do in fact have several chances to escape those holdbacks. Crime and substance abuse was common because of the locations that both Wes's grew up, and that was ghettos. In the book, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, the author explores the…show more content…
Not taking action upon the chance that is given to one in a way defeats the purpose of why the chance was given to that person. Wes had wanted to have a fresh start. So he left Cheryl, and went over to a friend who had recommended the Job Corps, and soon after that, Wes went for an interview. It states, "Two weeks after his conversation with Levy, Wes stood in the parking lot on the corner of Saratoga and Greene streets, waiting for the bus that would take him to the Woodland Job Corps Center in Laurel" (Moore 140). This situation perfectly supports the quote that in which, it shows that the Other Wes Moore was given a chance to act on changing his life, and he did in fact do that. This proves that acting on a chance can lead one to success. One cannot lose anything in a situation similar to this, so acting upon it is very important. Therefore, act upon a chance that is given, it may lead one to extreme…show more content…
When imagining school, some people look at this as a chance to increase the educational career of one, while others may not. But when looking at Military school, horror comes into mind, and there is no escaping from that. Wes had just started military school, and he does not like it whatsoever. He even tries to escape, though, the directions given to him by the Sargent were fake. This is a chance for Wes to change his life, and he needs to stay on track. Wes says, "By the end of the fourth day at Military School, I had run away 4 times. I had heard that there was a station somewhere in Wayne where I could catch a train that would take me to Thirteenth Street Station in Philadelphia....I had the entire plan set. The only thing I could not figure out was how to get to this train station in Wayne" (Moore 90). This quote supports the theme that in which it shows that one must stay true to decisions made or given to him. Through it all, one must stay strong, and face what comes it's way. Therefore, one must stay strong, even if the situation is not suiting, because success will be
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