Compare And Contrast Private School And Private Schools

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Education is something that is an essential part of growing. Whether it is, things we learn are at home or in a school, learning something crucial that everyone must go through at one point in life. When choosing what type of school to place a child in, financial stability is a factor that determines where a student ends up going to school. Two options of educational facilities are available for parents to choose from, one is a private school where a private organization or parents pay for the attendance of the child rather than the government. Having their income allows many private schools to make up their rules. A public school, on the contrary, have little to no control over the rules because the government supplies for the resources needed for the school.
There are distinct factors that differentiate public schools and private schools. The cost of attendance, dress codes, classroom size, and religion are just a few of the many things that make these school different. Neither of them is above another. They are just simply options for parents to choose from when deciding what school they want their children to attend.
The cost of attendance is something that has a huge difference. With private school having enormous tuition fees that make it
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On the other hand, if the cost of attendance is not an issue having a child attend a private school would not be a bad idea. The type of discipline, amount of money saved with school uniforms, the engagement that is provided by the teacher and if religion is an important factor can all guide the parent on to making a decision. In spite of private schools having various advantages, low-income families are not left with the short end of the stick. Many public schools strive, many times just as high if not higher that private schools. Enrolling a child in a school should consist of research about the school and the criteria that the parents desire for their
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