Compare And Contrast Over Dating Now

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Love is such a simple, yet so complex term. Most people start their search for love, or the right person, in their teen years. Normally, this all starts with dating. Dating is a way to get to know someone and to test the waters before starting a relationship. The thing is, dating is an ever-changing event. It sometimes stays true to the “traditional” ways of asking someone out, like in person. Sometimes it takes a modern turn by meeting someone through social media. Dating thirty years ago, even just ten years ago, has changed and stayed the same from how dating works today. The way people meet, their intentions, and the whole dating process in general is just a few ways it has changed and stayed the same. When dating is looked at in both circumstances, dating back then seems to be better and more efficient than dating today

The way people meet is a crucial part of a
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For most teens in high school finding a date means finding someone at the school to go out with. Also going on dates still shows people going out to dinner or to the movies or somewhere extravagant. Although it is not completely similar for everyone anymore, there are always a few couples out there who take the traditional route and everyone else refers to them as "goals."

Dating back then versus dating now seems to clash when put side by side. The way people meet, their intentions, and the whole dating process has changed over the years and has only partially stayed the same for a few people. Dating back then had something more to it than dating today does. Dating back then was for love and dating now is for fun. Love no longer seems to be the main focus when dating for today’s teens and is rarely found around that age. Although it is being searched for in the world of dating, without the right approach

and intentions, it will not be achieved. Like the wise Taylor Swift once said, “Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right”
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