The Creation of Modern Dating

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A quote taken John McKeon which served as a very accurate representation of teenage life and culture in the 50’s. But, of course, the teenagers didn’t care about the rules in this decade, especially in North America. With newfound freedom from an economic boom after WWII which didn’t require teenagers to work anymore, teenagers, with a lot more free time, did all sort of things like listen to “rock n’ roll” and “bop” or go dating or adoring black rock stars, all of which were considered “rebellious”. The lists of “rebellious” activities are endless in number and some are quite ridiculous by today’s standards. However, the only reason teenage life is what it is today, is solely because of the sometimes “rebellious” acts of independence from teenagers in the 1950’s. The creation of modern dating, the outlandish and irresponsible appearance of teenagers, and the unapproved interests and behaviour of teenagers all made very good points of proving their independence as teenagers. Despite having little to no presence before WWII, the teenagers of the 1950’s would drastically change the definition of the term “teenager” and change the lifestyle and culture of teenagers for decades to come and did it all without even knowing the legacy they would leave.
Firstly, the most important and remarkable change the teenagers of the 50’s made was the creation of modern dating virtually around the entire world. Prior to dating at the time , the primary way of courtship was “calling” and this was when a man arrived at a woman’s house during an “At home” session where he presents his card to her maid who then shows it to the young lady. She would then be given the choice to accept him by letting him in or rejecting him by coming up with an excuse. Thi...

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...approved of to disliking anything that expressed them, it is understandable why the teenagers wanted to break free of the conformist society the adults have shaped for them in their image and they did succeed in doing so.
All in all, teenagers and their defiance to the norm and the rules shaped into what teenage life and culture is today. The teenagers of the 1950’s are credited with changing dating as we know it, changing the expected attire of the youth, and making a great amount of interests today be accepted by society. While teenagers today and in the future will always be defiant to some degree, the defiance will only pale in comparison to what it accomplished in the 1950’s. The teenagers of the 1950 have shaped the lifestyle for teenagers for many centuries to come and they didn’t even have to try in order leave a big mark in the vast timeline of mankind.

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