Compare And Contrast Men And Women

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There are several hypothesis on the degree to which men and women are similar and different. Small effect sizes have been found for gender differences in academic performance (Hyde, 2005). This includes mathematics, reading, and science. Men and women are also similar in cognitive processing, which includes spatial perception, perceptual speed, space relations, and spatial visualization (Hyde, 2005). Although men and women are similar in academic and cognitive abilities, men may perform better than women in math. One reason for this may be women responding to stereotype threat. Women may recognize the stereotypes about them not performing well in math. This recognition may cause them to perform worse on test of mathematical ability. Men and women’s social emotional well-being is similar. Men and women have similar levels of self-esteem, morals, tenderness, conscientiousness, life satisfaction, desire to help, and happiness. There is little difference in men and women’s attitudes of revenge, and desire to seek revenge. (Hyde, 2005). It is difficult to discern areas in which males and females are different, due to the large social influence on gender expression, roles, and expectations. Research on gender differences has been conflicting.…show more content…
Self-reports may inflate gender difference. Men and women may respond to perceived gender stereotypes and complete self-reports to match expected gender norms. This may influence the results, and perpetuate gender differences. An example of this is self-reports filled out by women on sexual partners, masturbation, and attitudes towards casual sexual relationship. Women may fill out this information to reflect stereotypes, and to avoid social shaming. This may create gender differences that do not exist. When filling out self-reports, men and women may retrospectively remember emotions or events that are consistent with gender norms and stereotypes (Brody,
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