Compare And Contrast High School Vs College

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High School vs. College The transition from high school to college is one that is either delightfully welcomed or unbelievably dreaded. It can be an exciting time and a time for trying new things. It can also be a time for a lot of change. Three specific changes I will be discussing are the time requirement, the responsibilities, and the classes. In high school, we are in school for eight hours. Classes are always canceled when the weather is bad. If we are going to be late for class or are sick, we have our parents call the school. We are expected to get from class to class within three minutes and lunch is only thirty minutes long. But the amount of time we are actually expected to spend on homework outside of class is very slim. My senior…show more content…
Not only is there a wide variety, but we actually get to choose what classes we take. There is a plan we follow with certain areas we have to take classes in, but those areas have multiple classes we can choose from. The classes we take are more specific to our major. We are actually taught for the real world, instead of to pass a couple tests. And there is a variety of people in these classes. Some people have views that are completely different form the ones we grew up with. The people in our first semester classes, we may never see again until senior year. There aren’t assigned seats in the classes. We are allowed to have food and drinks in our classes. We don’t have to ask to leave class to use the restroom. There’s more to the change from high school to college than just the time requirement, responsibilities, and classes, but those are the changes that affected me the most. Some people go to college from thousands of miles away from home, or in completely different countries. Obviously college is more expensive than high school, and it weighs more heavily on a resume. And college is to be taken more seriously than high school. College is full of changes, but in many ways it’s still similar to high

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