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Saxonville Sausage Company (SSC) produces a variety of fresh pork sausage products including bratwurst (70% of revenues), breakfast sausage (20% of revenues) and Italian sausage named Vivio (5% of revenue) in United States via both national and regional brokers and distributors. Since 2004 the sausage industry has been facing to a sales decline, due to the fact that both the bratwurst and breakfast categories across all sausage producers had been flat. In order to achieve the profit objectives for the next financial year, SSC planned to launch a national Italian sausage brand as it’s the one category showing growth across the entire retail sausage brand in the short term period (2004 – 2005). In the current situation, Saxonville ought to create a …show more content…

2.2 Problem Type Saxonville attempted to obtain the sales growth and recover its market share by launching the new Italian Sausage brand. Owing to the fact that the products category are in the growth stage of products life cycle and the gaol is to re-positioning , the cause is more likely to communicate with and understand the needs of the target audience. Prior to the positioning plan developed, SSC have never done any marketing research for the Italian sausage category. In addition, the trade and sales promotion methods is accounted for the major proportion for the brand. Nonetheless, SSC never use the same additional strategies to promote the Italian sausage brand as their key competitors. The most attractive positioning ideas evaluated by the research and positioning concepts testing results are both similar and derivative. SSC must choose the best concept to positioning their new Italian Sausage brand uniquely. 3.0 Critical

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