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As our world becomes more globalized and the use of global media and communication technology is imminent, public relations practitioners have to adjust to our changing society. My future career in public relations and advertising will and has already been impacted by global media and communication technology. PR practitioners especially have to understand that we live in a globalized world and a global village. The challenge that will eventually affect my career as a public relations practitioner or advertiser is how to distinguish difference cultures and media systems in different countries. With advanced communication technology transforming our world into a more globalized society, public relations practitioners will have to understand how media system and cultural differences vary in different countries use communication technology to their advantage, and help shape more stances on global issues. Global media and communication technologies impacts a public relations practitioner because of the timeliness and transparency news media has. Not only does a PR practitioner has to master advancing technologies but they must understand and react to the speed at which we get the news. Technology has changed the way our society views the news, how much news we consume, the channels and methods of which we receive our news, and the expectation of the speed and coverage we receive. Technology has made it difficult for governments to control the news. The creation of Al Jazeera in the Middle East is just one example of a changing communication technology in our globalized world. This channel allows for people to have a voice and criticize their government and for a more trusting source of news. A public relations practitioner must unde... ... middle of paper ... ... each response they will be criticized for their lack of professionalism and inability to maintain and establish a long-standing relationship. This can be seen with the case of Shall Petroleum Development in Nigeria. Shell was criticized for delayed reaction to the accusations of their environmentally damaging methods. Shell lost respect internationally and negative effects in Nigeria. Because of the communication technology and global media, international news has increased and will only continue to rise as our world becomes even more connected. The impact these technologies and global media have on public relations practitioners is great; people will have to adjust their training and skills in order to identify the varying cultures, recognize that a global attitude is imperative, and work to shape efficiently respond and react to a growing number of crises’.