Common Misconceptions

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Brittney Doane
Professor Riis
23 April 2018 The Common Misconceptions About Embalmers and How They’re Wrong
We as people try to avoid the unpleasant things we witness in society, and from these observations it looks like people aren’t away of just how busy embalmers can be. This lack of understanding can also cause misconceptions to be created. The life of an embalmer busy and always moving, yet hardly anyone knows exactly what they do, and I plan on rectifying that. For this essay I will tell you about three of the weirdest misconceptions that I have come across, I will show you how these misconceptions are wrong by telling you how things are properly done. Let me introduce you to the world of embalming, and show you that the misconceptions …show more content…

This is an untruth because the muscles required for this bodily function are in the same state as the muscles used in the jaw, earlier I mentioned that when a person is alive their muscles are working together under the orders of your brain which is sending signals through nerves that travel the entire body. When a living person tries to sit up, their abdominal muscles will tighten in order to bring the body into an upright position. When a person dies, the muscles slacken. The likelihood of a person sitting up after death is about the same as a person paralyzed standing up on command, it’s simply impossible. The reason that I say this is because, muscles don’t just need subconscious messages from the brain, they also need energy to relax. Without the renewal of energy the muscles will become stiff and hardened. This is the basis behind rigor mortis, not the recipe to allow a dead person to suddenly jump up right into a ninety degree angle. Now, that’s not to say that the body will not twitch or release gas that builds after death. The increase in gas may cause the body to emit whistles, pops, and other odd noises. However, the twitches that may occur can sometimes happen when the brain or heart release the last few signals which usually happens right after

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