Commission Of Fense ( S )

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commission of the offense(s) (Author Unknown, 2012). This is a very important factor because all of the criminals in an incident are considered to have committed all of the offenses in the incident; if one or more of the criminals did not commit all wrongful acts, than there is more than one incident involved (Author Unknown, 2012). Furthermore, the time and place comes into question when the application of the concept is based on the evidence if more than one crime was committed by the same person or group of persons and the time and space intervals separating them were insignificant, this will determine whether the crime should be reported as individual incidents or as a single incident comprised of multiple offenses when reporting (Author Unknown, 2000, Aug, p 16. The objective of NIBRS is to provide comprehensive, detailed information (standardize electronic blueprint) about crime incidents and all the elements associated with them to law enforcement, researchers, governmental planners, students of crime, and the general public (Rantala, Ramona, R., 2000, p 1, 2), (Author Unknown, 2013), and (Author Unknown, 2012). The NIBRS ensures quality assurance and measurements with their system by assessing the completeness and accuracy of data being submitted to the national UCR Program and providing a precise basis for making adjustments to the national statistics to account for any broad-based discrepancies that are identified (Author Unknown, 2000, Aug). The NIBRS reporting plays a vital role in providing information on the new era of crimes we are faced in today’ society such as terrorism, white collar crime, information about assaults on law enforcement officers, offenses in which weapons were involved, drug and narcotic offe... ... middle of paper ..., Robert M., and Hewitt, John D., 2008, p 13-15). In UCR circumstance data are collected only for homicides, while in NIBRS, circumstance data are collected on aggravated assaults, as well as homicides (Regoli, Robert M., and Hewitt, John D., 2008, p 15). In the UCR, the Hotel Rule is used to reduce the burden of reporting burglaries of temporary lodgings while in NIBRS, this rule has been expanded to include rental storage facilities (i.e., ministorage and self-storage buildings) (Regoli, Robert M., and Hewitt, John D., 2008, p 13, 14), (Author Unknown, 2000, Aug), and (Author Unknown, 2013, Jan 17, p 22 , 23). NIBRS requires magnetic media submission for direct participation in the summary reporting system; direct submissions are made to the FBI by state UCR Programs and local agencies using manual forms and by state UCR Programs using magnetic tapes or 34xx

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