College Sex: The Consequences of a Drunken Night’s Endeavors

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College Sex: The Consequences of a Drunken Night’s Endeavors We have all heard, read, or been involved with this phenomenon called college sex. It has become an aspect of the whole “college experience” in North American colleges. In one study conducted by Amanda Hollman and Alan Sillars ,with students from a public university from northwestern United States, about “70–80% of college students in some samples reported sexual hookups”. We have now established that casual sex among college students is quiet frequent, but what exactly is college sex? College sex is usually referred to as a “hook-up”. “Hooking up is a phrase used to describe intimate interactions outside of dating or exclusive relationships” (Holman and Sillars); that is two consenting members of the opposite gender engaging in sexual activities without being in a romantic relationship, usually for single time without facing any consequences to deal afterwards, concerning both the parties involved. There are various elements leading up to “hook-up” which includes a combination of “relational (e.g., communication), and individual behaviors (e.g., alcohol and/or drug consumption); thoughts (e.g., expectations, interpretations); feelings (physical and emotional); and a host of contextual or situational factors (e.g., partner characteristics, location)” (Elizabeth L and Hayes). Alas, among all those factors, the predominant one is the presence of alcohol. How many times have the participants in a casual sexual relationship in college describe to have met their partner in a bar or a party thrown in their college? Well it’s almost all the time that a scenario like this is described. ... ... middle of paper ... ...icated to the point of making decisions that will later on be regretted by either one of the individuals or both. Works Cited Grello, Catherine M., Deborah P. Welsh, and Melinda S. Harper. "No strings attached: The nature of casual sex in college students." Journal of sex research43.3 (2006): 255-267. Paul, Elizabeth L., and Kristen A. Hayes. "The casualties ofcasual'sex: A qualitative exploration of the phenomenology of college students' hookups."Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 19.5 (2002): 639-661. Hingson, Ralph, et al. "Early age of first drunkenness as a factor in college students’ unplanned and unprotected sex attributable to drinking." Pediatrics111.1 (2003): 34-41. Holman, Amanda, and Alan Sillars. "Talk about “hooking up”: The influence of college student social networks on nonrelationship sex." Health communication27.2 (2012): 205-216.
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