Importance Of A College Cost Essay

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Why does a college degree cost so much? These days most of the successful people are well educated because they have learned to become one. Government is cutting the education fund over the years because they want to spend more money on something which is unimportant. The discussion over if college education is worth it, was started when the pilgrims landed from Europe also established "New College" in 1636. College tuition has been increasing over the past few decades and its destroying so many dreams. Most of the students, who have completed their degree often, get into an educational debt load. However, college graduates earn enough money to pay off there’s educational loan. Earning a college degree is usually a major life achievement for most of the people and there are plenty of jobs out there, which…show more content…
According to the Oxford Dictionaries a college is “a school offering a general liberal arts curriculum leading only to a bachelor’s degree”. It shows how tuition cost is increasing every year and its making students to take loans. That climb in educational cost is primarily due to a limited extent in most colleges need and they also require more cash to stay on the top in today’s world. Most of the times it’s really hard for the students to attend a school that has high tuition and other expenses. For example, The University of New Hampshire is one of only 22 universities that cost more than $20,000 for tuition in America. They also say school graduate usually has exceptional interpersonal skills and they can accomplish any milestone in their life. The college tuition usually increases because of the rise in peoples salaries in all over the United States of America. If college tuition does not increase, it will diminish a lot of jobs and there will be a decrease in worker’s

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