College Admissions Public Relations Campaign

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Each year colleges around the world rally to obtain the best and brightest students. Success is the key factor for this search, as colleges and universities survive on revenue generated by those students who not only choose their institution, but also remain at their institution and complete their chosen course of study. Additionally, colleges receive ranking based on the credentials and success of their students, which only enhances their financial success. The following is a proactive public relations strategy designed to generate increased applications by higher academic achievers whereby increasing higher academic achievers admissions. Recruiting students can only be accomplished by attracting the attention of students, educating them on college offerings and enhancing the ease of college enrollment. Effective recruitment plans require visibility to students by creating an environment that cultivates dialogue and information exchange. Prior to the campaign launch, a college must build a vibrant and eye-catching web site. In this website, video testimonials of former and current students should be included. Additionally, financial aid resources need to be made available, including those offered by the college. A financial aid and college cost calculator would be an excellent resource to give students an idea of educational costs. Since on average, prospective students only visit between one and four campuses, a virtual campus tour will allow both students and parents to experience the campus without ever leaving their home (YouVisit, n.d.). Presence in social media networks should be established to allow students share their ideas and interact with Faculty staff. Most students interact heavily through social networks.... ... middle of paper ... Dunn, J. (2012, January 31). Social Media for Universities: Best Practices for Attracting Students, Employees, and Donors. Retrieved May 9, 2014, from Edudemic: Flemming, G. (n.d.). A College Timeline. Retrieved May 9, 2014, from O'Guinn, T. A., Allen, C. T., & Semenik, R. T. (2011). Baker online: Mkt 402 advertising management. Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning. YouVisit. (n.d.). Attracting High-Quality Students is All About Bringing Your Campus to Them: Online, on Facebook, and on Mobile Phones. Retrieved May 9, 2014, from YouVisit:
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