Coffee Vs Coffee

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What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. - Henry Rollins.
If you believe in the above statement, then you are likely a regular coffee drinker and perhaps even a coffee enthusiast. And why wouldn’t you be? The feeling of life that kindles in you every time your nose, eyes and tongue meets coffee. It doesn’t matter if it’s a coffee shop you are walking by, the coffee aisle in your nearest super store or the ever-good home brewed cup, it instantly connects to your senses and embraces them with the hint of a full-of-life feeling.
Sometimes, all you need is to sit at the neighborhood café and inspire yourself throughout the day. Now, you might be thinking that you know all these things and you have your own love-affair with coffee for
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Thus, in the human body we have the presence of antioxidants that prevent us from oxidization. Sounds like a very important factor, antioxidants, doesn’t it? Well, one of the biggest sources of antioxidants ever is coffee. Yes! Coffee supplies antioxidants to our body and keeps it rust free, with living cells and the better protection from…show more content…
Have a cup of coffee right away and decide for yourself.

Coffee prevents us from several types of diseases
What’s better than loving coffee and knowing that it works as an aid to your health? Yes, coffee has been found to be preventing us from several diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s diastase, liver cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Is it due to coffee containing several nutrients and elements of health or is it because coffee is a heavenly drink sent from the gods? Whatever you believe in, coffee has been repeatedly proven as a protector of health from certain diseases like the one’s mentioned above.
Still aren’t convinced to drink coffee? Check out the facts here:

Finally it comes down to coffee being a very friendly drink that the whole world loves and embraces. Buy your beans today and brew yourself a cup of steamy goodness every now and then. However, remember that five cups a day is maximum you should limit to. Keep up the smartness working and the coffee

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