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Its 3AM in the morning and you still haven't finished your research paper. You are tired, tense and your caffeine addiction isn’t helping either. You're in need of coffee but at the same time, you're trying to evade it. You are stuck between either staying tired and tense or indulge caffeine and increase the tension. Caffeine and especially coffee became a very reliant drug by many to "perk-up" and stay productive throughout the day. Once it's excessively consumed, its effects on the human body are numerous and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle if not treated.
Disadvantages of coffee
Although coffee may be beneficial some ways, its side affects cannot be ignored. Consuming coffee immensely causes the stress hormone to release chemicals that tend to increase blood pressure, body's heart rate and tension levels. Coffee's mostly known for providing energy, but for many, the rush of adrenaline turns into feelings of "jittery tension" causing difficulty to relax. Another side effect that avid coffee drinkers face is lack of minerals in their body and diet. Coffee tends to affect the process of iron absorption in the stomach and most importantly in the kidneys; retaining important mineral such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and many others. Indulging coffee can also cause heartburn and acid reflex. Coffee causes a little muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter to relax. Once that muscle is relaxed, it is no longer tightly closed causing stomach contents to go back in the esophagus causing a burning feeling. (Dillan, 2013)

Ways to get rid of the addition
Like any other addiction, caffeine addiction can be treated and recovered fro...

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...eine withdrawal symptoms tend to vary from one person to another as its duration varies too. Most symptoms subside after a couple of days unless the addiction is extreme. In that case, symptoms might last for one or two weeks. (GLOOM, 2014)
Caffeine addiction just like any other addiction has risks and dangers that affects people negatively in many different ways and even through treatment, it would affect human behavior badly but luckily with time symptoms wear off leading people to a healthier lifestyle.

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