Code Blue

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We all have one thing in common, every live being on the face of this earth, a heart and more specifically a heartbeat. It is the one thing simple, yet oh so complex that labels us alive or dead. All our tickers are like silent bombs that have been set and will detonate at a time and place far beyond our knowing. Every stroke and beat is like countdown to an invisible timer we cannot visualize. Is this scary? Well, I guess it depends on our point of view, how we view our lives. Some person suffering might be praying for the blessed assurance that anytime their suffering will end, and that clock will stop, and that they will have reached their count down. On the other hand, some individuals find their hearts are about to stop all too soon and premature, especially at the view of their loved ones, who might think why? You are too young to die! These events were an eye opener to me as I witnessed my first ever Code Blue. It was an early Wednesday morning, and I lay still in my bed hitting the REM cycle as I dream vividly about a young lady about to be wed. She was dancing in a field of wheat and sunflowers. She was a country girl of whom I had never seen in my life, but in my dream, I knew her. It seemed I had known her family too, they were hillbillies and she was the pride and joy of their family, a shining star on her family crest. She had long, slinky, dark chestnut hair that was pulled up for such an occasion, Decorated with a fresh flower from the fields. She wore a form fitted white dress that looked as if it was her mama’s passed onto her. In her hands were an array of hot pink, sassy orange, and depressed purple Gerber Daisies wrapped precisely with an off white ribbon. She twirled distantly from her family knowin... ... middle of paper ... ...en complete, like the day is not my final draft, and I am still working on it. I drove home and vegetated on every piece of food I had in my house. As if I had done so much just standing there all day, but emotionally I was exaughsted, so that defiantly had to have burned up some calories I am sure. I threw down some comfort food, cereal, chocolate, Zingers, like a Twinkie, only better! I remember sitting down getting ready to do some homework, thinking this is not going to cut. I closed my book and drifted off to sleep. As I lay there the day played over and over again, subconsciously I kept seeing the girl in my dream. I thought what was the significance of today? What lesson did I learn? Well, I learned that no matter what we do all day, we should take the time to acknowledge our heartbeats. To listen, even for just five to ten seconds and think, wow!
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