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Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Kentucky!
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to take action against the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining in Kentucky.
Thesis Statement: Mountaintop removal has a negative effect on the environment and there are steps we can take to stop it from happening in Kentucky.

Attention Step
Kentucky is a beautiful place full of mountains, streams, and trees. Kentucky is special to everyone in this room today because we have chosen to call it home. Today I want to tell you about something that is threatening the beauty of the place we call home. This threat is the process of extracting coal through mountaintop mining. This method of extraction threatens our health, water sources, plants, animals, and our mountain views. As Kentuckians, we have a duty to speak out against this barbaric method of coal extraction that is happening in our state. Together we can eliminate this threat and preserve Kentucky’s natural beauty for generations to come.
Now that you know a little about the subject of mountaintop mining and the devastation that it causes I would like to go into further detail about the process and the harmful effects.
Need Step
As a Kentucky resident, I understand that coal is much more than form of energy, for many it is a way of life. Kentucky is the third largest producer of coal in the United States, and for many families in Eastern Kentucky, the coal industry has provided stable employment for generations. I would like to make clear that I am not speaking out against coal mining in general; I am speaking out against one method of mining. Mountaintop removal mining is the most destructive form of coal extraction in existence...

... middle of paper ... by mountaintop removal coal mining is irreversible and goes as far as to proclaim that the only sensible course of action is a permanent and immediate ban.

Coal companies have been destroying our mountains, polluting our water, and poisoning our communities for far too long.

Please, I urge you to follow the guidance of our best scientific research and the pleas of the residents across Appalachia who have suffered enough from the damage caused by mountaintop removal.
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Now that you know how easy it is to speak out against this problem that is effecting you state I would like to leave you with this page that lists the email addresses and other contact information for your state representatives.
Contact Governor Beshear
Mailing Address
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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