The Impact Of Coal Mining

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The loss of a life is the ultimate tragedy, and over the thousands of years of mining history, the industry has had its share of casualties. Mining deals with the extraction of raw materials like coal, diamond, iron-ore etc. Mining industries can be both open cast mining and underground mining. Although we have improved in the technology and study of the earth, mining industry is a very dangerous job. One of the most dangerous work of mining has been mentioned to be coal mining in which they extract coal from underground. Coal mining hazardous mixture of gas and coal dust can form a fatal explosion. As a matter of fact, I reviewed an article that mention the worst coal mining known as the Benxi Hu colliery disaster in China in 1942. “Cost 1,549 lives and is believed to be the worst coal mining disaster ever.” (Limited, 2014) …show more content…

The safety measures now is strict and are regulated through the legislation act of health and safety benefits under the specific laws governed by the state and the employers are bound to follow them in order to ensure the safety and risk management to the employees in the coal mining sector.US has the proper safety and health regulation and the companies are legislated to follow the laws along with reporting and monitoring of the risk management team data’s to be worked out by higher officials giving prime importance to it. The ethics behind the imputation of proper risk management and safety guarantee makes the organizations free from unnecessary hazards and cost. This method also makes the turnover rate low for the employees as they are satisfied to work in the safe and risk free

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