Closed System Model: The Federal Bureau Of Prisons

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Organization is important in any organization for multiple reasons. It provides direction for all employees to follow, improves operation efficiency, it could also show a map for possible promotions. Organizational models focus their attention more on specific dimensions of the organization, and they can be classified as a closed system or open system models. In a closed system model they “rely almost wholly on internal processes to account for organizational behavior”(Champion 2003). Penitentiaries are an example of closed system models, they are self-contained, self-sufficient, they have their own food services, medical staff, recreational and education facilities, counseling and also some personal training. In an open system model, “it stresses …show more content…

It has a Board of Directors, it includes the Director, the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Director, the General Counsel and Review, the Executive Office, and the Program Review Division, then it branches off into the programs within the prison itself. These include the Administration Division, Health Services Division, Correctional Programs Division, Information, Policy, Public Affairs Divisions, Industries, Education, and Vocational Training Divisions, Reentry Services Division, and Human Resource Management Division. The Regional Offices are then listed and the Field Operations. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is run under the closed system model meaning all the resources are running within the prison, they have their own medical staff, correctional officers, education classes, and administration staff and policies. Each of these divisions has major functions such as the Population Management which proactively manages the prisoner population to ensure safe and secure operations. The Public Safety, National Security, and Inmate Programming which provides services and programs to address inmates needs, provides productive use of time activities, and help inmates with reintegration back into society. There is also a counterterrorism division which helps provide public safety and security by focusing on preventing, disrupting and responding to terrorist attacks within the prison (Organization

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