The Growth Of Prisons And The Criminal Justice System

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1. To start off, the correction system growth is based on its crime rate. The overpopulation of a prison would be lead to the increase on the criminal rate there is. The correction system must have an accurate tool to gain control over its population of the together. prison, to meet its need for all the prisoners. To ensure everyone public safety, the government and the politicians come. The growth of correction institution to ensure public safety should be promoted by the politicians. Prisoners shouldn’t just be punished, instead they should reform them. Therefore, transforming criminals for them not to commit crimes again and the public will remain safe. The role of politics growth in corrections is to keep people safe. They should help the citizens lead a dignified life as well as the politicians should ensure that prisoners also lead a dignified…show more content…
The correction system is a framework of protection and punishment. Government agencies cooperate with the obligation with the responsibility if the protection of citizens from crimes and other dangers in the society. An individual that commits a crime is separated from society punished and rehabilitated, the primary motives of the system of corrections. The system has its advantages and disadvantages. The criminal justice system is a part of punishment, supervision, probation and parole of the convicted. The advantages of the system are that it helps reduce crime rates and make legal enforcements more successful. It’s some assistance to the judiciary to implement its legal responsivities. It’s to help reduce the rate of imprisonment and saves the funds money as well as the prison counts in the country. It also has some disadvantages which makes the system inefficient. There are negative attitudes from towards the prison, punishment and the correctional system. Since the system is established in the rest past, it is not properly interpreted by the society. Also. The corruption and illegal activities in the

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