Client Case Study: Ted Bundy: Client Case

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Case Study: Ted Bundy Client History Ted Bundy is a 34 year old male court mandated to therapy for diagnostic purposes after being accused of killing over 30 women. He was born in Vermont to a single mother. His grandfather was reportedly abusive to Ted. However, Ted states that he looked up to his grandfather. There was a time when Ted’s grandparents claimed to be his parents due to his mother having him young and while not married. Ted only found out that his mother was his mother and not his sister after he found his birth certificate. Ted does not know who his biological parents are. Ted’s mother married and he was adopted by his step-father. There is religious background in Ted’s past. His mother and step-father met and church and Ted regularly attended Bible-Study through High School. Ted was not very social while growing up. He did not talk with others very often. He reportedly always felt like he missed out on something because he could not socialize well with others. He did speak up in a classroom setting but only because he often knew the correct answers. He reports always knowing he was “different”, but never knowing how or why. He does not feel his childhood effected the way he turned out in anyway and does not see them as a cause for his killings.…show more content…
He went to a 3rd college after his girlfriend of a year broke up with him due to his lack of maturity. He was very angry with her over this. He later dated another woman and began dating his first girlfriend at the same time. After finding his second girlfriend he went back to school and graduated and began law school. He ended the relationship with his first girlfriend then dropped out of law school. The murders began around this time. He states that his job after this time became deciding which women to kill. He saw this as a big decision and could cause him great

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