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Classical Music By Arthur Liaw A man is in his car with a one and a half hour long commute and is browsing the radio for music to listen to and hears a song that sounds familiar. The tune gets stuck in his head and he can't get it out until he gets home from work and spends 15 minutes trying to find what the song was called. Some people adore Classical Music and some find it excruciating to listen to. Which ever side has more support the world will never know, but one thing society does know is that Classical Music has many elements. There are 5 main eras of classical music which were in order: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. The Renaissance Period was a time where most of the music was sung by churches because it was the dark ages and they were asking god for forgiveness. The Baroque period had music that was very contrasting. Contrast is an important element in the drama of a baroque pieces. The distinction between soft and loud, group pieces and solo pieces, different instruments and timbres all play an important role in many baroque music. Compose...

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