Classical Liberalism Vs Conservatism

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Liberalism influenced the 18th century transformation of modern western political thinkers. In fact, there have been many pivotal theoretical advancements since the creation of classic liberalism arrived. For instance, other significant political theories started making an appearance such as radicalism, nationalism, and socialism, after traditional liberalism separated into new branches; modern liberalism and libertarianism. This sparked the emergence of many philosophers and key thinkers who wanted to improve the economy for a better future. Political theories are expandable; especially, since they tend to focus on the views of human nature and agreements on primitive political values. Even though, political theories usually relate to one another, the debate between liberalism and conservatism has continued to alter political ideologies and practices throughout history. Many conservatives are concerned with keeping the world traditional. However, critics might ask conservatives, why is outlawing abortion and same-sex marriage so important with a world that is constantly …show more content…

In relation to the article, American Political Culture, political theorist, John Locke identified three basic rights, “life, liberty, and property”, which was later plagiarized by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independent (para 2). Like John Locke, the founder of classic liberalism, Adam Smith believed in a limited government. Smith theorized that the government should not interfere in the marketplace, and the church and state should be separated. Classical liberalism later evolved into modern liberalism (the ideology favoring government intervention to correct economic and social ills (Cord, Jones, Medeiros, & Roskin, 2017, p.33). Modern liberals seek to improve economic issues such as health insurance, education, and unemployment to contribute to a better

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