Civil War Dbq

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In 1861, the first battle of the Civil War was fought. Thousands of men died on the Confederate and the Union side. The war took a toll on lives until the northern states won. The issue of slavery was one of the causes of the war, however, there were other reasons for the war to take place, dividing America . One reason was southern secession. The wish for the south to break free from the Union to form a southern Confederacy was growing stronger. This wish to expand and secede caused tension between the north and the south over whether the south had the right to break free of the Union. The north and the south also had a difference in their economies. The north had moved away from farming to industry unlike the south who mostly relied on farming…show more content…
Most economies in the south were based on agriculture and they needed slave labor to help them farm. The Northern states were more industrialized and most of the North had made slavery illegal because they had no need for slaves, they relied on a majority white workforce. The South did not want to abolish slavery due to their economy. Because of the existence of slavery, during the 19th century a number of Americans began to realize that human equality was not present. Northern states decided to abolish slavery, however, the future of slavery in the South was debated . The South wished to take slavery into the western territories, while the North wanted to keep them open to white labor and immigrants who needed work. Slavery caused much of the resentment between the north and the south but there were other contributing reasons why the Civil war was…show more content…
This disagreement caused some unrest between the states. A big issue right before the Civil War was how much power the Federal Government should have over its people. In the north people believed in a strong Federal Government. The people in the south believed that each state government should have the power to make decisions on its own. The South and North also had different views and interests. The southerners believed the states were more capable of protecting their property and land more so than Federal power would be able to. In the North, people wanted a stronger national government so that they could make the same laws for all the states. In the end, a strengthened federal government was accepted when the Union won the war. The disagreement between the two government types was a cause for the Civil
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