Civil War Dbq

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This wasn't the first time Americans has thought about secession before. The founding of the nation's defenders of states rights had conflicts that any states would be able to cancel out any laws that were legalized by the federal government and they could even withdraw from the Union if the felt impelled to do so. A state convention repealed South Carolina's ratification of the US Constitution and voted to withdraw from the Union. It didn't want to be part of a nation in which it had no control. In the next few weeks, more states followed such as Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Seceding was not a unanimous choice for these Southern states. The planter class was the force pushing the movement. The counties with a …show more content…

The slave states that did not secede would maintain their slavery. Also, no state could withdraw from the union. He gave the Southern States the choice to return to the Union or face civil war. Lincoln tried to resupply Ft. Sumter, in South Carolina, He was bringing only food when Confederates opened fire on the food convoy and wanted the fort to surrender. With shots being fired, Lincoln had no choice but to go to war. Lincoln's reelection spelled the end of slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation had been made as a war measure. Lincoln stated that once the war ended it would no longer be binding. Lincoln and his supporters moved quickly to put an end to slavery. The destruction of the south continued with General Sherman's March to Sea where he defeated the Rebels. The Civil War lasted for four years and was brutal for both sides. I was started due to differences in slavery between the free and the slave states. The war had a lot of impact of several areas such as the Federal Government, to the industries, to women, to religion, on Philosophy, and to American

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