Cicero's Criteria For A Just War

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Given Cicero’s criteria for a just war described in your text, would preventive wars, such as the war in Iraq, be considered just wars? Why or why not?
The invasion of Iraq in 2003 as a preventive war does not fall in-line with Cicero 's criteria for a just war. Initially, President Bush and his administration sold the Iraq war as a preventative measure. The assertion was based mostly on assertion Iraq developing, producing, and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction (WMD 's) that could potentially be used by state sponsored terrorist organizations operating freely in Iraq against the United States. If the United States had definitive intelligence that indisputably proved an imminent attack utilizing WMD 's specifically against the United
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Thomas Hobbes would consider preventive wars to be just wars. “A commonwealth by acquisition is that where the sovereign power is acquired by force; and it is acquired by force when men singly, or many together by plurality of voices, for fear of death, or bonds, do authorize all the actions of that man, or assembly, that hath their lives or liberty in his power.” Hobbes statement “for fear of death” parallels David Luban’s purpose of a preventive war as a course of action to “forestall a military threat.”
What about Gandhi? Would he consider either preemptive or preventive wars to be
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The global war on terror has combined the definitions of both into just a preventive category. The United States has the luxury of being segregated from the majority of conflict areas by two oceans. This reduces the possibilities of a large scale attack by another world power simply based off of the logistical requirement to have a successful invasion onto U.S. soil. However, the introduction of rogue states has caused the U.S. to stay in a perpetual struggle against specific threats being harbored in other regions and states. The U.S. must maintain a constant preventive stance and remain offensively engaged against those targets throughout the world. Continued operations around the globe are both preventive and preemptive in nature causing our view of a just war to continuously evolve and to further facilitate military action where required in a way acceptable to the global

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