Christopher Mccandless Relationships In Into The Wild

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In the movie “Into the Wild”, Christopher McCandless traveled around, not a permanent part of society. Even though he had the dream of surviving in Alaska, McCandless did not envision that it would be his final resting point. I was asked to write an essay about my opinion of whether or not that since it seems as though Christopher McCandless discovered the value of relationships, would he return to society, had he survived his Alaskan expedition. In my opinion, Christopher McCandless had always known the value of friendship, and that he would not return to become a member of society, if he had survived, McCandless formed many meaningful relationships before he made it to Alaska, McCandless had a great opportunity to become a part of society before he made his journey, McCandless never showed any signs of wanting to return to become a part of society throughout his journey. …show more content…

One of the first relationships that we are introduced to in the film, Into the wild, is his relationship with his sister Carine. Christopher McCandless was portrayed as, and told by Carine, the he was her sister and that they had a very close relationship before he left. The next relationship that McCandless was shown as having as close was when he was hitchhiking and got a ride from a “rubber tramp” named Jan. Through what was shown in the film, McCandless was very close to Jan and stayed with her on multiple occasions. The last relationship that I will mention that Christopher McCandless had was his relationship with Ron. His relationship with Ron was close enough that Ron wanted to adopt Alex Supertramp, Christopher McCandless’ name that he went by after starting his journey. This shows that Christopher McCandless had many close relationships, showing that he already understood the value of

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