Christians Living in a Postmodern World

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John: 8:32 “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (NRSV)

In tying it all together and having navigated many different paths of “worldviews” my ability to think world-viewishly has been shaped in that I was challenged by countless interpretations as to what constitutes authentic truth/reality in a postmodern world. In my quest to analyze these issues and gain a distinct understanding as to why certain worldviews present truth and reality as that which is certain—however unproven, I was forced to change the lens by which I had previously viewed various worldviews in the past. I have concluded that the only real truth lie within the Christian worldview. As Christians we are called to be committed to the truth, more so the truth of the gospel. So what is truth? Sire cites that truth is a fact that corresponds to reality. Truth is a fact that by its very nature is immutable—cannot be changed. It is prepositional. So then how should a Christian present truth in a postmodern age of new age thinkers? Upon examining various world views and encountering what they consider to be truth and arriving at this point of understanding along with the challenges which were presented in our studies I offer a brief overview of my conclusions of various worldviews whose truth cannot be substantiated nor validated, then make my case for truth/reality as a Christian living a postmodern world.


Studies and researched revealed these overviews:

Naturalism: Where we find the subtopics of Atheism; Agnosticism and Existentialism: Reality is that which the material universe is all that exists. Reality is "one-dimensional." There is no such thing ...

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...rldview, postmodernism opts for lesser goals by cobbling together various ideas, practices and goals for pragmatic purposes. As postmodernist Walter Truett Anderson stated “Truth” isn’t what it used to be.” Postmodernism embraces a cluster of ideas, most of which contradict Christian understanding of truth, authority and rationality. If most modernist are right there can be no basis of knowledge of any kind. In postmodernist culture truth as we know it is dead. So how we to understand truth as are is related to postmodernism? One note of consideration: Postmodernism seems to deflate overly optimistic accounts of human reason and progress based solely on human ability.

Postmodernism claim that any comprehensive and authoritative worldview is forever out of our reach and that to claim otherwise is an arrogant pretext for dominating those with whom one disagrees.
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