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I have dealt with my Mom’s strong belief in the Christian Faith since from when I can remember. She grew up in a strict Christian household and has been a devoted follower all her life. She passed this strong belief onto my brother, my sister, and I. Right when I was born I was baptized and was plunged into catholic school for ten years starting at age five. My Mom never allowed me to switch schools. Growing up, I never thought of religion as a big deal or even something that I was interested in. Christianity was just something that was present in my everyday life and I learned to accept like I did doing chores and going to bed on time. When I realized how much of a hold it had on me in middle school, I began to dislike it and deny faith. I started to identify as an atheist after exploring the concept of religion. …show more content…

I would confess about how I am an atheist and why I came to be this way. Mentioning how religious freedom from the government is something stressed in the United States Constitution would probably help me show her how the idea of her controlling my religion is something that has been frowned upon by people everywhere. I disagree with most of the morals and ideas brought up in the Bible and I am passionate about more concrete subject matter like science and math. I would try to let my Mother know how much freedom in my beliefs matters to me and how even if she tries to control my religion it will not work because at heart I will always think this way. My Mom’s controlling nature would definitely make it hard to have a calm discussion; it may end up in a fight. I have to be prepared to be reasonable with her and act as the bigger person so we will not fight too badly. I want to have this talk with my Mom to let her know how wrong it is for her to try and control my life in this way, and how she needs to step back and look at how this control is

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