Theology Reflection Paper

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As a student at the University of Portland, who has now spent a semester living amidst the Catholic culture, I have started to think about religion fundamentally different than prior to this year. Theology class has been enlightening. In class, a new external lens of how one can view faith while learning to think critically in the search of truth has been presented. The inquisitiveness in me has led me to ask hard questions regarding myself, my perceptions, my misconceptions, and even some heartfelt convictions while contemplating my faith. I have experienced legitimate struggles. I acknowledge I have ignorant barriers keeping me from totally living a life with God and for God due to the confusion of exactly what that means. “All truths are…show more content…
Freud said, “God is a projection of our inner desires”. Marx said, “It was just a way of keeping the hungry masses quiet”. (3) Even with all this negative opposition and doubt, can the hard- line skeptic honestly deny the existence of Jesus? We see proof of Jesus’s existence in the New Testament. The New Testament is a compile of stories after Jesus’s death written by people who believed passionately in what he had done and said. The gospel writer’s were people who saw the stories happen with their own eyes; they were his followers. . “What non-Christian sources are there for Jesus? (Answer: a reference in the Jewish historian Josephus, a reference in the Roman historian Tacitus, and one possible allusion in a more scurrilous Roman writer, Suetonius.)” (23) We can try to ignore the facts because we did not physically see it happen and we did not experience it but, I think there is enough evidence to keep an open mind. In the search of truth that we seek we need to understand who Jesus is. He first came into the public’s eye in the late 20’s of the first century. With only being in the public eye for three short years, he was one of the greatest teachers, spiritual leaders, moralist and healer. The authorities in Jerusalem soon became threatened with the impact he had on society and arrested him for being a would-be rebel leader. He was executed as the “king of the Jews.” All four gospels make note of this phrase and said…show more content…
My faith in Jesus has changed from believing that it could not have existed because there was no evidence, to understanding that just because I can not see something does not make it any less true. I want to live my life in a way that honors Jesus. Now understanding this other side of Jesus, I believe he was both human and divine; Jesus was inspirational. His teachings offer a way of looking deeper into your soul by stressing basic human dignity. At the heart of Jesus’s message there is his concept of “Good Works” entailing forgiveness, healing, empathy, and love. There is also Jesus’s Golden Rule saying, “whatever you want people to do to you, do to them.” (Luke 6:31) Imagine the humanity in the world if we all followed that one
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