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Success and Failure: An inevitable part of life Success and failure seem to be pretty distinct opposites, but many times the differences between success and failure aren’t as obvious as we may think them to be. Sometimes a failure can be turned into a success if you are willing to look back at them, and are open to learning from them. Many times, one’s attitude toward a failure can determine whether or not anything is learned from it. Those who remain upbeat and positive after a failure may be able to get something out of it, but those who just don’t think about it and ignore it won’t get anything from it.
For example, failing a test or quiz, could be seen as a success or failure, it just depends on how you personally view successes and failures
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Chris McCandless was a unique human being that did not desire the “normal” life. McCandless felt as though the regular everyday life of going to work and having a family wasn’t for him, so instead he decided after he graduated from Emory University to trek to the western United States with only his car and a little money. For most this was a shock mainly because Chris was a good student and could have been extremely successful. Contrary to everyones’ opinions, McCandless still planned a solo adventure through Stampede Trail near Fairbanks Alaska, and while on his way he met lots of different people and went to many different places in the west. When McCandless told these people of his plan of a solo adventure in Alaska, they told him that he was crazy for doing such a dangerous thing. McCandless knew that he would be challenged, but he looked forward to facing whatever challenges came, showing his commitment to the life choices that he made. Unfortunately, like Santiago, the result of McCandless’s adventure was not as he had intended it to be, given that he would end up dying in the middle of the Alaskan…show more content…
Ever since I was young my parents said “Drew you should try new things, even if it means you fail at something.” I never really listen to them until one time in the study grade when I decided that it was ok to fail. I asked my parents “ Can we look for a club basketball team that I could try out for?” Thrilled in hearing that I wanted to try something new, they found I tryout for a team called the Cincinnati Royals. A couple of other friends agreed to try out with me, but I was still very nervous because it was my first tryout. All three of us made it through the first round of cuts and were called back for another tryout. I remember being more nervous for the second tryout than I was for the first. My palms sweated the whole night, every shot I took clanked of the rim, it wasn’t my night. My two other friends were told that they made the team, but I unfortunately got cut which I expected given how I performed. At first I saw this experience as an overwhelming failure, but I soon realized that I challenged myself, and I could learn from the criticism the coaches gave me. Taking the new stuff I learned from the tryout, I found a different club basketball team that I was fortunate enough to make, which I got to meet new people and play a sport that I loved. Although I may not have gotten the

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