Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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In Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction novel, “Into the Wild”, he tells a story of young man named Chris McCandless. McCandless had grown up in a wealthy family. He was a loner, mainly because of his thirst for social isolation, but seemed to be independent. McCandless had given away all of his money, left almost all of his possessions, became an explorer, and changed him name to Alexander Supertramp, without letting anyone know of his whereabouts which was selfish of him. Not even his own family. He was also a highly intelligent man, yet he also lacked to understand something immediately and the knowledge to keep safe when it is needed. In April of 1992, young McCandless stubbornly hitchhiked his way to Alaska to live in the wild nearby Mt. McKinley. Then four months later in late August, a group of hunters sadly found his dead body. Chris McCandless was very courageous for his decision to go out on his adventures, yet he was inconsiderate for his lack of common sense during the time he was out in the wilderness in Alaska.
Chris was born and raised in a wealthy family, and for some unusual reason craved social isolation, due to the bad relationship he experienced with his father. His family had moved to Annandale, Virginia when his father worked for NASA as an antenna specialist and his mother worked for Hughes Aircraft as a secretary. His parents eventually ran a consulting company together. Everything seemed to be well, until he was in Southern California where he realized his father had an affair. His father had children with another woman. McCandless’ bitterness grew when he discovered this. This also probably could have explained why his views on society were somewhat negative.
McCandless was quite selfish in many ways. He was not ...

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...t like them, he also needed to really learn more about himself, and what better place than in the wild where he could be alone. While he was there, he found that it can be difficult to live in the wilderness if you aren’t both mentally and physically prepared. He was most certainly not a crazy person, he just had big ideas and took pride in making them happen.
Whether people think McCandless was courageous or just plain nuts, they have to agree that he was only trying to do what he thought was best for himself, which was to find his inner self to who he really was. It was not what our society expected him to be. It was something not even his own family or loved ones had expected from him but did it either way and had gone against the grain. McCandless should be admired for his courageousness because not just anyone is willing to do what he was able to accomplish.
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