Choosing the Correct Networking Devices

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In this modernize world, internet and network are very vital and important not only for individuals but also for companies, organization, institution, etc. Because of this, it is very important to make use of as many network devices available. We need to study more or at least to have a glimpse of information about the networking devices before we choose or start using it. There are many networking device out there that able for us to study but the chosen device for this report are hub, switch, router and repeater.
When it comes to networking, a hub is a simple device that joins more than one computers together into one central connection points via LAN. The single network segment are formed by joining multiple computers or other network devices connected using a hub. Hubs are used for twisted-pair cabling when are used on the network. Hub essentially receives incoming packets that been sent and broadcast all these packets to all device that connected on the network under the hub device. Ethernet hub, active hub, network hub, repeater hub and multiport hub is an example of hub.
Hubs that are used on LAN are under the star topology. That is because when one device in the hub are disconnected it is still connected. That why the hubs are categorize under the star topology.
An Ethernet hub is also called multiport repeater. It is used to increase the signal as it passes through it and to prevent the effects of attenuation. Ethernet hubs are vary when it comes to bandwidth that they support. The number of ports an Ethernet hub support also can be vary. The commonly used Ethernet hubs in home networks are four and five port Ethernet hubs. The newer Ethernet hubs devices are much smaller compare to the older devices....

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...This device allow data rate up to 100Mbps. It also Enclosure rating of IP67 for outdoor conditions.
Network repeaters are used to boost in coming wireless signal or electrical signal. By using the repeater together with physical media like Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, the amplified data transmission will only span limited distance before the signal starts to degrade.
All the devices that been studied above each play it unique role in network works that are deeply affected our daily lives. For example without hubs it really impossible for more than one computers to link to one line. It is really hard to implement a long distance connections without a repeater to support and amplifies the signal. Without switch, it is impossible to switch from one port to another port. Without routers it is hard to divide a large network into separate parts thus saving cost and money.

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