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  • Database Development

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    Network Upgrade In order to resolve network related problems The Airframe Corporation (TAC) has decided to upgrade the existing network consisting of a mix of Token Ring and shred Ethernet hubs to a switched Ethernet network. The purpose of this paper is to discuss several aspects of the project plan for the upgrade. This discussion will be made in threes sections. Section one will include project definition, while section two will deal with work breakdown structure and estimated schedules, and section

  • How a Switch Has an Advantage ove a Bridge in a Network

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    on the data link layer of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains (500 words). [25 marks] There are many reasons why switchers are used instead of bridges. The switchers nowadays are more effective than a bridge when are used in a network. Bridges, also known as transparent bridges, work in the Layer number 2 of the OSI model. This

  • How Does a Switch Have an Advantage over a Bridge on a Network

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    of the OSI Model. However, switches are more advanced. Discuss how a switch has an advantage over a bridge in a network then elaborate more on the technology implemented in switches to control broadcast domains. A network switch is a networking device that connects devices together on a network enacting a form of packet switching. It operates in the Data Link layer of the OSI model. It essentially acts like a multi-port network bridge that processes and forwards data. Other types of switches have

  • A breif HIstroy of ATMS

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    through the bank’s "proprietary ATM network." However, by the early 80s, banks began to take advantage of improvements in telecommunications technology and formed "shared ATM networks" with other banks, allowing customers of one bank to withdraw money by using ATMs of other banks. Banks paid other ATM owners "interchange" fees, to cover the marginal cost of the "off-us" transactions by its customers on the owner's machines. Banks paid the network a "switch" fee per transaction, plus an annual "membership"


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    on Fast Ethernet Network Switches and Gigabit Ethernet Network Switches offered by 3COM. We will review a few specific components, as well as compare features, pricing and preferred usage. DEFINITION In order to have a greater understanding of the terminology and descriptions offered in this paper, we must first understand what a network switch is. A brief definition of a network switch is a computer networking device that connects network segments. It uses the logic of a Network bridge, but allows

  • Switching Research Paper

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    Switched Networks       Networks are getting more and more popular, and because of this more people use them, which slows them down. Networks in the future will need to have enough bandwidth to support applications, like multimedia, witch require larger bandwidth. Switching will change the way networks are designed. These changes will maximize productivity.      Switching technology is increasing the efficiency and speed of networks. This technology

  • Define And Explain Price Elasticity of Demand

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    available for a good. The closer the goods are, the greater will be the price elasticity of demand of that good. The reason for this being that people will be able to switch to the substitutes when the price of the original good goes up. The greater the number of substitutes and the closer they are, the more people will be able to switch, and so the bigger the substitution effect will be of any price rise. Another determinant is the proportion of income spent on the good. The higher the proportion

  • Battle Of The Bytes: Macintosh Vs. Windows 95

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    icons that represent directories and subdirectories in DOS. Windows 95, unlike the Mac, logically groups data and resources. A Taskbar menu lets you call up and switch between any software application at any time. Thus feature is better than the Mac's because its use is more obvious. It clearly shows what is running and allows you to switch programs with a single click of the mouse. Control panels have been added so you can configure your hardware. There is easy access to frequently used files. You

  • Countertrade

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    strengthen an existing trading relationship, and may even create mutual dependencies, which may create new trade relationship. Barter is probably the oldest and best known example of countertrading, however others, such as offset, buyback, tolling and switch trading, have also evolved to meet the requirements of a more sophisticated world economy. All of these generally involve the exchange of goods or services to finance purchases, rather than using cash alone. "The importance of countertrade as a trading

  • America Online Inc.,

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    customers to anticipate their monthly spending. The key changes taking place in the online industry in 1995 are the introduction of the Microsoft network and the coming of use of the Internet World Wide Web which offered alternative channels to content providers that provided more control over their offerings and potentially higher revenues. Microsoft Network took only a 30% commission fee (versus 80% taken by AOL from its content providers’ revenues) from its content providers and offered providers

  • The Fire Station

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    car. I walk up the cement ramp towards the door of the metal-sided fire station. The steel door is cold and I carefully enter the door lock's code and turn the reluctant knob. The room is dark and I blindly reach around the corner and hit the light switch. Instantly the buzzing light of fluorescent bulbs fills the room. My nostrils also fill but with the smell of machines. Slowly as I walk further into the station, I can feel the loose grit and sand underneath my feet. Directly in front of me is

  • Why Mac is Better than PC

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    friends that Mac files automatically recognize the creator application; Windows files require a three-character extension. Changing a Mac file name doesn't change how an application recognizes it. Try mentioning that Macs with multiscan monitors can switch resolutions and change color bit depth without rebooting; PCs need an add-on utility to do this. All might think that a PC is awesome, but is not called Windows for nothing. When they say Windows they mean Windows. Macintosh has been known for it’s

  • Choosing the Correct Networking Devices

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    world, internet and network are very vital and important not only for individuals but also for companies, organization, institution, etc. Because of this, it is very important to make use of as many network devices available. We need to study more or at least to have a glimpse of information about the networking devices before we choose or start using it. There are many networking device out there that able for us to study but the chosen device for this report are hub, switch, router and repeater

  • Improving The Teaching of Physics

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    leave the sciences revealed that students switch not because they lack the mental ability. The three main concerns for shifting are the lack or loss of interest, belief that a non-SME offers a better education, and poor teaching of SME faculty. Looking at these reasons, we realize that the situation is not at all hopeless. I believe that we could do something to address these issues. The scenario would have been pathetic if the primary reason for the switch is the students’ lack of mental ability

  • Physics of Personal Watercraft

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    tighter angle than traditional boats with keels and rudders.The main drawback to this maneuverability is the fact that if there is no thrust coming from the engine the ability to turn is effictively zero meaning that anytime the driver presses the kill switch (a large red button) they lose all ability to steer. This is extremely dangerous whenever an inexperienced person may drive the PWC back to dock or into shore. PWC's have no brakes and have no ablilty to stop other than turning around. They have an

  • Last Of The Mohicans

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    in the book, there was not a big love scene between Hawkeye and Alice as there was in the movie between Hawkeye and Cora. Thus making the movie a more romantic story. In the movie, key things that happen have different importance because the roles switch. For instance, towards the end of the book, Cora dies. In the movie, Alice dies. This is important because Alice and Cora have certain traits that make this more and/or less important to the story. Differences in the between Heyward are that in the

  • Animal behavior

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    beak. When a releaser leads directly to behavior it is called a fix-action pattern. If an egg rolls out of a nest the mother will immediately try and recollect it. But if the egg is taken away the mother will still do it. This shows that once the switch is turned on it will continue. Fix action patterns can be learned by humans, and will soon become autonomic. Usually hormones and timing will motivate animals and drive their behavior; timing through biological clocks, the animals circadium rhythms

  • Air Conditioner Controller

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    potentiometer. 2.     A Display indicates the temperature – both the set value and the actual value. 3.     An indication when the set range is beyond limits. 4.     The system turns ON the Air conditioner when the set temperature. 5.     A mode selector switch is provided to select between SET MODE and RUN MODE. 6.     When the SET mode is selected the display indicates the set value. When RUN mode is selected the display indicates the actual room temperature. The whole circuitry works on 230V AC. From

  • Change vs. Development

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    different, adjust, shift, vary, recast, restyle, remodel, reorganize, reform, revolutionize, transfer, transmute, mutate, transform, turn, convert, metamorphose; exchange, replace, substitute, swap, trade, switch, shift, interchange, shuffle, remove and replace; difference, modification, switch, shift, variation, deviation, variety, fluctuation, veering, alteration, conversion, substitution, swapping, reform, reformation, revolution, reorganization, and remodeling.” Roget’s Desk thesaurus even gives

  • Spam: Junk Email

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    at my America Online email account. In fact, I received so much junk mail that I decided to switch to another account with Lycos. Because I was having so much of a problem with unwanted mail, I figured that there were many more people with this problem. Hence, I decided to do my research project on junk email, otherwise known as “spam”. Similarly, my story involves the main character having to switch her email accounts because of the increasing volume of junk mail that she received. Throughout