Chlamydia, the Silent STD That Can Cause Infertility

A Story of Infidelity and Chlamydia This is a story of a close friend and one night that would change the rest of his and our lives. His name was MMMM; he had always been the popular kid in our high school. He was the star quarterback for our senior football team; coming from wealthy parents, he drove the hottest muscle car, and always had the hottest girls chasing him. Even in college, after we had all settled down from the partying and drinking, he continued without skipping a beat. It wouldn’t be until one night, that all of that would change. MMM had finally met a girl that he really liked. They ended up in serious relationship going on two years. She was a good, conservative girl that didn’t drink or party much, and mainly kept to herself. His persistent, flirtatious nature had finally won her over. She was soon to graduate, but MMM still had a year or two left. The sad part was he would still go back to bars to mingle with other women. He would tell me of his one-night stands all the time. I always felt bad for his girlfriend, as she did not deserve this. MMMM always said, “I’m just getting it out of my system, before I get married.” As he got closer to graduating, more talks of marriage would come about. . Spring break week had come; all the guys had decided to go out and have a crazy night down on the strip. We went from bar to bar, having a good old time just like back in the day. MMM had found this incredibly gorgeous girl at one of the bars. By this time, we were quite intoxicated, and apparently so was this girl. Marco stumbled up to me, and said “I’m going to nail this chick, I’ll see you guys later!” and off they went. As usual, nobody thought anything of it, and we continued on with our night. About six mon... ... middle of paper ... ...ght of fun, with one girl he didn’t know is all it took to end everything for MMM. He got the most common STD in the United States, which was easily treatable, but what seemed to get him the worst, was the thought of hurting his girlfriend and losing her forever. Little did he know, his next actions would be far worse than simply being treated, and facing his girlfriend with what he had done. Not only did Chlamydia affect him and his girlfriend physically, but even more emotionally and mentally. Works Cited: Robinson, Angela. “Chlamydia.” 23 July 2013. Netdoctor. 14 Nov. 2013. . Beck, Melinda. “Chlamydia, the Silent STD That Can Cause Infertility.” 30 June 2009. The Wall Street Journal. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. .
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