China's Rapid Rise

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China is arguably one of the most powerful nations in the world today, much to the credit of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Chinese government has taken many efforts to direct its country out from its chaotic beginning to its current position in less than a century. However, China’s rising is a challenge to the international status quo. Ever since the end of the Cold War, the US has enjoyed the privilege of being on the top of the global hierarchy. China’s rapid rise will shake the balance of Power that The US has been enjoyed. It is possible that the balance of the system might be disturbed again if China decided to use its power to challenge the United States, or possibly in a worst- case scenario, engage in military conflict. There are many opinions about the rise of China, some are supportive and some are skeptical. Those that are supportive argue that the rise of China will give rise to a new era of international politics because of the globalized world. Those that are skeptical argue that China will seek to take the throne of US hegemony and therefore international conflict will be unavoidable. However, this essay will argue that there would not be an international conflict as China rises. The essay will support the thesis argument by examining China on various perspectives such as military power, ideological and historical evidence, and economic facts.

The military issue is one of the bigger concerns in the global arena because it can be used as a deterrence apparatus against other nation. Even though the military may never be engaged in an actual war, but each country will have to insist on having one; having a military advantage, is therefore a matter of state security. In the world today, those th...

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