China and Taiwan

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China and Taiwan Historically, the Taiwan problem originated after the Nationalist and Communist Chinese re-ignited the Civil War. They had previously settled their disputes temporarily, to defend the invasion of the Japanese in the 1930s. The Civil War started again in 1946, only a year after fighting ceased at the end of the Second World War. The Communists were commanded by Mao Tse Tung, and the Nationalists were being lead by Chiang Kia-Shek. However, the Nationalists had the advantage of US support. The US were already concerned with the growing levels of Communism worldwide, and were determined not to let China also fall to Communism. The USA saw China as a major world superpower that had the potential to influence other, smaller countries into joining communism. Communism grew so rapidly because many people in the main countries that were soon to be Communist were very poor. By joining Communism they could gain a share of the rich people’s wealth. There were also a few rich people who would lose out on some of their own wealth but, as there were far more poor people than rich, this did not slow down the rapid growth of Communism. The Taiwan problem was that the Communist “People’s Republic of China” (PRC) wanted Taiwan to be seen as a part of China. The Nationalist “Republic of China” (ROC) desired to be recognised as an independent country. The PRC would not allow two separate countries. If Taiwan became recognised as an independent country then the Communists would attack them, forcing America to intervene. America wanted a “One China” policy but was prepared to defend Taiwan if mainland China launched an attack. In the Second World War America was allied to Russia. Together they defeated Germany, but Russia was a ... ... middle of paper ... the second part of the timeline -Include sources Taiwan, China and America have never used any nuclear weapons against each other, but each of them have very sophisticated missiles and are willing to use them if necessary. Any conflict between them seems to be lying dormant, but only requires a trigger to set off a war. The main reason that Taiwan, China and America have not started fighting recently and will probably not do so in the future is because of their trade links that would be destroyed if they did so. China and the USA rely on each other to support the economies. Therefore, I believe that the Taiwan problem has not fully been resolved. Restarting any fighting would destroy all of the existing trade routes but Taiwan, China and America retain their mutual suspicion with one another. Taiwan has still not been recognised as an independent country.
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