Child Sexual Abuse Essay

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Child Sexual Abuse Introduction Children are the future of today’s society and their interactions when they are young are extremely important and key to how they develop and grow into strong, independent individuals. They are extremely vulnerable to their surroundings and the people they come into contact with, which make those interactions most important. Children look up to people they trust that inspire them, and those connections made in the beginning of their lives are what help them to grow. They need adults in their life that they can trust and look up to and when sexual abuse is occurring, it makes that almost impossible. It is difficult to find a lot of information about reported cases of child sexual abuse because most remain unreported. I chose to research child sexual abuse because I feel very strongly and passionate about the safety and well being of children, as well as how their lives are affected after experiencing traumatic events. I will be discussing statistical information about child sexual abuse, the characteristics of perpetrators, risk factors of child sexual abuse, short-term effects of the abuse, the effect of child sexual abuse in later family life and lastly about effective programs designed to help victims of child abuse and their families. Definition It can be really difficult to talk about sexual abuse and even harder to acknowledge that sexual abuse of children happens every day. It is important to inform people of what it contains so they can be more aware of it. Everyone has an idea of what they believe child sexual abuse involves. I would like to take the time to state a clear definition that describes all aspects that child sexual abuse includes. Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a f... ... middle of paper ... ...mic play therapy is designed to help teach children that have been sexually abused to process and express their feelings of negative emotions in a more positive and healthy way. The therapy’s goal is to help children gain insight to their own behavior, increase the children’s ability to observe and appreciate other people’s feelings, needs and rights (National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 2004). The therapy also teaches children to understand their needs and values, to increase their connectedness to other positive people, build internal strengths that support their future growth and increase their ability to meet their needs in socially appropriate ways (National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, 2004). Both methods of therapy really help children to process the abuse they have experienced so they can prosper in their future development.

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