Child Psychology

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The child's mind a very delicate and fragile piece of space just waiting to be fulfilled with knowledge. With every touch, taste, sight, and sound a small part of the brain is in growth. It is these early stimulations that are so crucial to a child's intelligence in the years to come.
Babies are born with some knowledge that was genetically pasted down to them form there biological parents, but it is in the next couple of years that will be so crucial to his development. Scientists are learning more and more about what, when, and how to talk and handle a baby that will further there brains development. One scientist by the name of Harry Chugani believes that early experiences "can completely change the way a person turns out." With the knowledge of where certain brain circuits are that control different skills, parents and teachers can provide significant help in a child's knowledge development. For example scientists know that basic language skills are located in the brains left hemisphere. So certain factors can come in to play. But in others, like the hemispherectomy patients it is possible to learn left hemisphere tasks in the right.
Circuits of simple words begin to be wired by the age of one. The more words a child hears by the age of two years the larger their language skills will grow. Therefore parents now have the understanding that the more they talk to their children in early development the better the chance of his vocabulary to flo...

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