Child Gender And Socioeconomic Status Summary

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Parent's encouragements play an important role in a child's life. In the article "Parental Expectations of Preschool Children as Related to Child Gender and Socioeconomic Status" by Terri L. Marcus and David A. Corsini, describes that children’s achievement and progress toward life greatly affected by their parent’s socioeconomic status and expectations. The family is the main source for their developmental and cognitive purposes. They also explain child’s development is greatly influenced by the family’s behavior and their surrounding environment. Parent's economic and social status impact on making important decisions in children's life and achievement. Even though they perceive their lifestyle from the society, but their achievement greatly …show more content…

Expectations, socioeconomic status, the motivation of the parents towards children play a vital role to get success in life.
Parents always look forward to their children’s future. They often try to set up the lifestyle of a child and what should be the goal of the child. But the reality is, the higher the social status of the parents, the higher the education kids might get. When parents have a higher economic and social status, children also become a highly ambitious person because they have brought up to a high-quality status. Often, the children who have brought up in a poor society would be engaged in difficulties in their life. Some of them would be busy to figure out their social status and to survive. They would be less confident because they get less attention and motivation from their parents. The economic condition of the parents will decide whether they will go to school or not. Moreover, the educational demands of a rapidly expanding technological economy have placed increased emphasis on promoting early skills for children. This growing demand for higher achievement levels means even greater harm for those who fall short of achieving these high levels. In the

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