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Advertisers create ads in magazines to catch the eyes of readers and encourage them to want to buy the product. Each advertisement includes claims, warrants, and supports, which make the advertisements attractive. For example, in the attached advertisement for Chevrolet Cavalier, each of these ideas used, makes the reader want to go out and buy this car. In the advertisement, there are many catchy phrases and pictures which make the car look very desirable. Furthermore, the general nature of a magazine such as "People," where the ad is found, it attracts people of all types. As displayed in the Chevrolet advertisements, claims, warrants, and supports are used to attract people of all types.

Claims in the advertisements are used to try and get people of all types to notice, admire, and eventually go out and buy this car. There are three different types of claims: policy, fact, and value. The claims of policy in this advertisement are similar to most claims of policy in ads, which are, "buy this product." The claims of policy are created by the pretty picture on the opposite side of the page, and the writing on the ad. In the picture, the pretty mountains and bright sun look very inviting to someone who needs sometime to relax. By the desire to have free time, the busy worker will think that the car will get them some free time. Then, they will want to buy the car. The writing includes lines such as, "Finally. After working for what seems like forever, you have some time to yourself." Although this quote really does not have much to do with the car, it attracts the reader who may want some free time. The claims of fact include the statements about how many miles the car can go before needing a tune up and how it fits a low budget. These kinds of claims can attract people of all kinds, mainly people looking to spend little on a car for themselves or for their children. The claims of value state that this car can take you wherever you want, and that "even though going out during your free time may cost a lot, getting there won't." From these examples of claims of policy, fact, and value, the car looks very attractive to a reader.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that advertisers create ads in magazines to catch the eyes of readers and encourage them to want to buy the product.
  • Explains the three types of claims in the advertisements: policy, fact, and value.
  • Explains that consumers can be attracted to a product by the use of warrants, which are in the picture and name brand of the car.
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