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The original INSAG report stated that the main cause for the disaster was the workers failing to perform operational procedures properly. However, a later revision on that report established that the actual cause was attributed more to the reactor design. This change does not diminish the fact that training and safety practices of the workers created issues leading up to the disaster. Both the training and safety issues are rooted in the fact that the workers were not properly informed in certain key areas including operational regulations and basic nuclear physics. By not providing this knowledge, the management failed to establish a safety culture for the workers [13]. Safety culture is a term used to describe how an organization views and prioritizes safety in its work [14]. This lack of a safety culture stems from a “lack of adequate training of the operators, inadequate permanent operating procedures, lack of enforcement of the rules and incomplete and imprecise instructions for this [...] low power test” [15]. This disregard for safety began to show itself even before the test ...

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