The Bay Area and Earthquakes

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The Bay Area and Earthquakes

What have they learned since the quake quite allot. The fault moved in a fashion that geologists of

the time did not expect: it moved horizontally, the southwestern side slipping to the northwest,

relative to the southeastern side. "The 1906 earthquake marked the dawn of modern scientific

study of the San Andreas fault system." (USGS) When the 1906 earthquake struck scientist set

forth to make observations on effects of the quake. The final report published in 1908 (commonly

known as the Lawson Report) was a compilation on detailed reports. Today this document

remains in highest regards among seismologists, engineers and geologists. It is said to be a

benchmark for the future, and integrated investigation into the effects of earthquakes in the U.S.

Reid also on the Lawson commission, and his "theory of elastic rebound" are significant

observations in earthquake research.

Although one would think that the Bay Area with it's history of plate tectonic

motion would be well prepared for the next quake. But, a powerful quake struck the Bay Area

October 17, 1989. Damage for this San Francisco Bay Area quake are close to 4 billion. The

quake is said to have been a record in deaths.

Due to the hazard that earthquakes cause, a hazard consultant becomes a critical part of

producing a earthquake safe environment. In a nuclear facility that in itself is a danger, an honest

and through examination of the facility is important. Their are different procedures that different

industries have to adhere to. Nuclear facilities most likely rate first on facility that must be well

equipped to handle an earthquakes. These are the procedures that hazard consultant must go

through when reviewing different nuclear sites.


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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that nuclear facilities rate first on facility that must be well-maintained facilities.
  • Opines that earthquake hazard in the san francisco bay area: continuing problem in summary
  • Explains that the fault moved horizontally, the southwestern side slipping to the northwest.
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