Chavez Verses Multiculturalist: An Equal Judgment?

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Integration of culture within the United States has become a difficult task for government officials who follows the Multiculturalist approach. Culture is the diversification of one’s being as regards to their immutable traits being learnt from the time of their births. Linda Chaves’s essay “Demystifying Multiculturalism” points out that the accommodation of equal rights between whites and non-whites is not a problem it is education. However, multiculturalist believes that non-whites are becoming a threat to their population and will eventually change the American culture. The demographic tidal wave illusion from the business sectors is merely an exaggeration as they believe that non-white’s will eventually whip out United States white’s population. Chavez gives attention to the fact that ‘judgment should not be based on skin color but by content of one’s character’ (6). Furthermore, she doesn’t only criticize the Multiculturalist techniques but emphasizes through reasoning why the Multiculturalist approach would imposed negative attitude towards the non-whites in the United States. This will not only create negativity but a racial chaos between whites and non-whites living in the United States.
For this purpose, Chavez is demonstrating to all non-white Americans that the benefits provide by the Government is only a cover up for the whites to remain in control of their population. The idea of cultural integration is only a political multiculturalism tool used by the middle class, third-generation minorities to distract them from the fact that the whites are still the dominant leaders in their nation. This will create comfortable living for the whites without changing the American Culture stigma illusion. Chavez believes that th...

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...e aware of the negatives that Multiculturalist are creating for cultures. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. But education which stops with efficiency may prove the greatest menace to society” (King). Chavez believe that proper solutions to equal judgment on racial and ethnic identity are not found as yet. Through the voicing out of non-white Americans, the whites will be aware of the white propaganda of American dream to forget first culture and incorporate the illusion culture.

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