Charles Taylor A Secular Age Summary

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People understand that science displays the world and God does not have to. To have goals and be a nice person, people do not have to have God. People must learn to live without boundaries and help each other improve the world and make it safer. People cannot be themselves and are split apart because of religion. Charles Taylor, in his “subtraction story,” says people now have secular minds because of “science and objective reason.” A secular way of life gives a person everything they need without having to deal with the morals of religion. In Taylor’s “A Secular Age” he disagrees by saying secular ways of life are no different than the religious beliefs; the secular people have just come up with different ways of thinking about how life should be lived and the views they should have. He says people with a secular view “are subject to their own array of serious problems and objections.” Many …show more content…

People cannot have freedom of choice, lack of leadership, and no independent responsibility if cultures are to survive. A person must not want to learn about secularity to be able to teach “secular people.” Followers of God think all a secular person believes is nothing. Taylor and different people think “Secularism is its own web of beliefs that should be open to examination.” Next up is the study of secularism. Although, there is one thing to remember. The author believes a Christians mind is different than a secular’s. Christians are influenced by a secularistic point of view even thought their minds are different. However, secular ideas are similar to Christian ideas in many ways which makes them “partly right.” These secular ideologies are “pervasive, and felt to be so self-evident, that they are not visible as beliefs to those who hold them” which is why Christians fall victims to them. That is why they need to be shown so Christians do not fall victim to

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